Thursday, January 19, 2012

The days of our lives

So I am sitting in my kitchen thinking about the events of yesterday...

In one day I caught one boy hiding in the bathroom playing his DS against all our rules, found out one boy went out in his BRAND NEW shoes to play in the wet field, refused to allow one boy to go to church after he "ran out of time" to clean his room, and discovered one toddler girl eating someone else's gum while strapped in her highchair at church. Never did find out whose gum that was.

Shocking I know.

But mixed in the day were also sweet moments like the one above. Nathan was reading to Ellie, and Ellie insisted that he read this book. Turns out this book is a blank time line. So he was making up some stories to go along with the blank pages. May not look like much, but it warmed my heart to see this 6'1" boy/man reading to his baby sister. It almost made up for the not cleaning his room. Almost..


  1. I can already tell that I'm going to like this blog. You're great!

  2. THAT just made my DAY. It would have anyway, even if it hadn't been that silly timeline. I adore the way your boy-man dotes on his wittle sister.


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